Security of funds


There are many ways to invest money; you can buy physical assets, invest in a company, or invest in digital assets and securities. Many people choose to trade forex, cryptocurrencies, binary and other similar assets to meet their short-term, medium-term, and long-term goals. It is essential to know that there are several prerequisites for successful forex trading. Most investors who trade themselves lose money due to lack of proper knowledge and improper market psychology such as greed, fear, impatience, and other similar factors.



Safety of your Managed Forex Account with  standfx.

Standfx has put measures to ensure that clients’ funds are secured and entirely within their control. Let’s explain some factors that exhibit how safe are your funds with standfx  managed forex account.

Receiving your Money

Standfx won’t ask you to send money directly into its bank account or any other account. You will only deposit your money with a regulated broker after you have created a forex trading account with the broker. Money remains yours and within your control.

  Login Details will not be shared

Standfx  never asks for your broker’s client portal credentials. This means standfx does not have any access to deposit or withdrawal operations on your managed account.

MT4 Software Access

All that standfx will require is access to MT4 login details. We only have access is to execute profitable  trades on your forex  account.

Withdrawal of Money

Standfx cannot withdraw your money from the trading account you opened with your broker. There is also a global anti-money laundering rule that you can only withdraw money through the same payment method you deposited it. So, you should expect that if you deposit your cash through your bank card, for example, no one else who bears a different name can withdraw the money. Since you are only dealing with a regulated broker, you should be sure that such law will be adhered to by your broker.

Stopping Access

You can stop standfx access to your MT4 software at any point.

Withdrawal of Funds

You have the exclusive power to withdraw your money at any time. You  have to give standfx  prior notice before withdrawing your money.

Forex tading performance fees.

All performance fees paid to standfx by investors is not  refundable.